Tremiti Islands

Originate probably by a series of earthquakes that were seconded from the mainland and to whom should their name, tremiti islands, known as the “Perle dell’Adriatico”, are a major marine reserves in Italy. The archipelago, 12 miles north of the Gargano promontory, is composed of the islands of San Domino, St. Nicholas, Capraia, Pianosa Cretaccio, although the latter, by far the smallest, is now considered only a major stumbling block. From an administrative point of view form a common itself, precisely Tremiti Islands, belonging to the province of Foggia.

The crystalline waters and the splendid backdrops recall many tourists especially in summer, attracted by the possibility of diving and underwater fish underwater where permitted. As with other Mediterranean islands, the Shivers were used in the past as a penal colonies and places of hermitage, which has certainly contributed to the birth of legends also very suggestive. Many are linked all’eroe omerico Diomede – in antiquity were in fact those “Diomedee Islands” – that there would be withdrawn, would have buried a large treasure and would have his tomb, while his companions would have been changed over the albatrosses, these too ‘ they diomedee.

Pianosa, the smallest after Cretaccio, is completely uninhabited because of the absence of large plants el’impervio rocky terrain, but it is one of the most protected under the Marine Reserve established in 1989 to preserve the exceptional variety of plant life underwater. The same goes for Capraia, the second island in order of extension but also absolutely wild and uninhabited.
The Island of St. Nicholas is the administrative center as well as cultural dell’Arcipelago. Inhabited since the millennium a. C., the island presents traces of settlements dell’Età iron, age Hellenistic and Roman.
The most important construction is by far the Abbey of Santa Maria at Sea, an imposing structure, a sort of castle-monastery built around the year 1000 to guard the port. While there is a structure, the summer tourism is the prerogative of the largest of the islands, one of San Domino and several tourist camps and hotels where you can enjoy the only sandy beach dell’Arcipelago, Cala of Arenas, along with Cala Matano and Beach Pagliai, rocks so named for their pyramid shape: it is accessed only by sea. Visiting the island by boat there encounters many just underwater caves, including that of Viole, Bue Marino, Rondinelle and Murene.

The breathtaking seabed, the waters clear, rocks shaped strange, the woods by Pino and beaches make the island of San Domino the most equipped in terms of tourism, relying on a complete and boasting of facilities the first floor.

With 2.6 km long, 1.7 km wide, a coastal development of nearly 10 km and an area of 208 hectares, the island of San Domino is the largest of the Tremiti Islands.

It ‘the only island in the islands to have a dense and luxuriant vegetation consists of pine forests by Pino of Aleppo that in several cases go up the coast, stopping only on hauls rock. The underbrush is particularly developed, with junipers, rosmarini, myrtle, lentischi and other plants of the so-called maquis.

There are also dell’olivo crops and lives, although a series of historical events and choices not fully avvedute have in fact prevented a real development of these Mediterranean plants a time, seems the most flourishing today so as to earn in San Domino the nickname of ‘Orto of Paradise. “

From a historical point of view there are large tracks of the past, if you exclude some findings dating back to Neolithic and an ancient house that tradition wants to be belonged all’eremita Bertucci, Peter century Colonus, who fled to live in contemplation at the end of the fifteenth century, when San Domino was virtually uninhabited.


Today, however, is the only Tremiti Islands to have tourist facilities of international level, able to receive many tourists every day and follow them step by step throughout their stay: port, heliport, hotels, restaurants, holiday villages, campsites and diving center are just some of the types of structures which is able to take advantage.

The big tourist svliuppo the island of San Domino, which for most falls in C of the Marine Reserve and thus makes possible an exploration autonomous, is due mainly to its natural beauty, all the creeks and caves.

Among the first note of Cala Arenas (the only sandy beach dell’Arcipelago), Cala Tamariello, Cala English, Cala Matano, Cala Tonda, Cala Tramontana and Cala Benedictine.

Among the second cave delle Viole – perhaps the most famous – Grotta del Bue Marino, Grotto of Rondinelle, Grotto of Murene and Cave of Crocodile.

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